Our clients appreciate our work

“Anna Maria is one of the most exceptional business coaches I have worked with to date. She is consistently impactful with managers at L'Oreal - resulting in a much higher level of engagement, confidence and people management skills among this group. She is a generous thought partner and collaborator on new projects and renovations of existing projects. She is extremely detail-oriented and maintains high standards of quality. She is also highly trustworthy, ethical and authentic as an individual.”
AVP at L'Oreal

"Anna Maria helped me to assess my situation and goals and then designed a program to meet those objectives.  As we worked together, she provided tools, techniques and training but more importantly helped me to find the discipline and courage to change and use those new skills.  As a result of our work together, I am more effective today than I could have imagined when we began.  Anna Maria is a game changer. "
- Senior IT Director in a large Pharmaceutical company

What participants say about us after having attended our Leadership Development Programs

  • Coach was wonderful with lots of good energy, she engaged each and everyone of us, her teaching was beneficial and I will them in everyday work life
  • Coaches were very challenging and pushing, it was great! How else do you know how far you can go and how much you can achieve?
  • The best leadership class I’ve taken, Anna Maria is fantastic and created the perfect open environment for discussion and learning
  • Amazing facilitator, true genuine balance of empathy knowledge and desire to draw out potential
  • … there 100% “walk the talk”
  • Anna Maria is very warm and personable, I think she builds a warm and inviting/comfortable aura
  • She is familiar with many latest concepts on management and leadership, she could use this knowledge to provide personalized career development advice to the participants and refer them to the right sources
  • Great quality to empowering the discussions and making the transition between each subject
  • She is a phenomenal instructor, her probing questions make you reflect and come to your own solutions/answers