The best solution at the right time: That is our motto at Perspectives.

Perspectives Work LLC was founded by Anna Maria Casas with the goal of partnering with individuals and organizations to develop and implement sustainable leadership and change initiatives. Our approach is based on our extensive understanding of high impact leadership in a globalized world and on our belief that every person and every organization has the potential to succeed. We combine our professional expertise with powerful tools to help our clients look at a situation from different perspectives and create options that will empower them to select the best choice for action and achieve the desired results.

Our Mission
At Perspectives Work LLC we deliver high impact coaching and leadership development initiatives to inspire our clients to achieve extraordinary results.

Our Approach
When we are hired for a coaching or program development assignment we first work with our client to complete a thorough assessment of the current situation and agree on common goals and desired outcomes that are aligned with the individual and organizational objectives and needs. We employ best practices and innovative tools to support the process with both individual and team assignments. After the assignment is complete we gather feedback and complete a review to determine the effectiveness of the employed strategy and ensure client satisfaction.

Our Values

Passion, Authenticity, Integrity, Excellence, Learning, Giving back

Our Coaches

Our network is composed of professional and qualified coaches and Consultants that partner with executives and their teams to help them achieve their goals. In order to serve our clients, read more