Executive Coaching

Challenge Presented: Following a 360 feedback process, a Senior Vice-President of a Manufacturing company sought to identify the key areas for development to maximize his leadership effectiveness.

Action & Results
: Through the coaching process, the Senior Vice-President outlined the key strategies to implement leadership changes and practice new leadership behaviors. After working on developing emotional intelligence skills and on managing change effectively, the Vice-President was able to increase the overall productivity of his team and establish open communication channels within his organization.
Leadership Transition Coaching

Challenge Presented: Successful transition of a newly promoted Vice President at a multinational, manufacturing company following an acquisition, with a need to merge two teams.

Action & Results
: The executive strengthened her position within the newly formed organization, with her peers, and with her integrated team. The coaching empowered the executive to be a strong leader who promotes open channels of communication, anticipates challenges, and creates ownership for action plans. She was able to develop a cohesive and motivated team by facilitating her team through the changes, recognizing the individual and team strengths and incorporating them into the new team.
Leadership Development Program

Challenge Presented: Large, multi-national organization in the retail industry desired to design and implement two different comprehensive leadership programs as part of an in-house curriculum to provide their leaders with high-impact management, leadership, and coaching skills.

Action & Results
: The programs are now in the six successful year, with approximately 850+ participants. According to post-program feedback surveys conducted 6 months after each session, the programs have had a noticeable impact in the leadership development skills of the managers and leaders. The participants expressed increased productivity, improved communication skills, and heightened morale within teams. These results were shown to be sustainable through higher quality performance reviews in the long term.
Team Coaching

Challenge Presented: To resolve conflict and build a strong, cohesive executive team for a global business unit of a large manufacturing company.

Action & Results
: Team members discussed their own positions on the issue, agreed to leave behind their personal agendas and refocused on the big picture of the business; their team and corporate goals. In addition to resolving conflicts, the team formulated a new strategy, communicated in a more effective manner, and implemented processes that enabled them to make quality decisions and work effectively across three continents.

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